Resource estimation

Evaluation Graph EGS, Inc.EGS has completed many estimates of potential electric generation for geothermal prospects using stored heat and power density approaches to approximate generation that could result from a developed geothermal project. The stored heat approach uses probabilistic rather than deterministic inputs to a Monte Carlo simulator to estimate the conversion of the stored subsurface heat into electrical power. The power density approach incorporates drilling, flow test and production data from analogous developed fields to estimate a range of potential generation for a given productive area. We regard the two approaches as linked because uncertainties predominate in many inputs and each approach provides a reality check to achieve realistic estimates of geothermal potential.

Due diligence review

EGS, staff have completed due diligence reviews for more than $1 Billion in geothermal asset sales, ownership transfers, utility power purchase contracts and project financing. Depending on the project or the financial institution, we evaluate a variety of development options to provide the most reasonable estimation of the current productivity of a geothermal resource and its future sustainability. Assessments commonly consider the resource risks and mitigations involved in project development.

Asset consolidation