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EGS is a world-renowned  geothermal exploration company with a team of geologists that have over 100 years of accumulated experience in green field exploration and resource assessment. The team has explored  and evaluated projects in  all the major  geothermal settings  and has worked in all the major geothermal countries around the world. Their select experience includes:

  • Completion of geothermal exploration and development projects in Central and South America, St.Vincent,  Montserrat and Nevis in the Caribbean, Turkey , Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico,
  • Managing  development planning and drilling for more than 350 MW of geothermal development in The Geysers geothermal field,
  • Managing development planning and drilling for 250 MW of geothermal development in the Salton Sea, Heber, Coso, and Brawley fields in Imperial Valley
  • Due diligence reports, resource assessment reports for active U.S. geothermal developments and litigation/expert testimony services for its clients.
  • Completion of third party reviews for both geothermal developers and agencies such as the US Department of Energy and California Energy Commission

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