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Exploration, Evaluation and Development in The Geysers, CA

The Geysers CAThe Geysers, comprising 45 square miles along the Sonoma and Lake County border, is the largest complex of geothermal power plants in the world. Calpine, the largest geothermal power producer in the U.S., owns and operates 15 power plants at The Geysers with a net generating capacity of about 725 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 725,000 homes, or a city the size of San Francisco. The Geysers satisfies nearly 60 percent of the average electricity demand in the North Coast region from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border. The Geysers is one of the most reliable energy sources in California delivering extremely high availability and on-line performance and accounts for one-fifth of the green power produced in California.
While working for Unocal, the principal field developer before Calpine, EGS personnel managed the geologic planning for more than 350 mw of geothermal development drilling in The Geysers geothermal field including exploration and step-out drilling in Units 12, 18 and 21 and replacement drilling within the central Geysers (Units 1-6), Units 9-10 and Unit 11.
Other consulting work has included:

  • Senior Consultant/Technical Lead/Geologic Lead for re-powering the Bottle Rock generation facility
  • Senior Geologist/Principal Consultant for EIR/EIS preparation for the Bottle Rock geothermal expansion
  • Managed exploration programs including geologic mapping, geochemical sample collection, geophysical surveys and temperature gradient drilling
  • Detailed exploration of wildcat lands peripheral to The Geysers including geologic mapping, geochemical sample collection, geophysical surveys and temperature gradient drilling.

Exploration and Development of the
Imperial Valley Geothermal field, CA

Imperial Valley Geothermal Field

The Salton Sea geothermal field is a Greenfield geothermal development within the Salton Trough that had been evaluated and identified through extensive industry studies as one of the most prospective geothermal areas within the US. The Salton Sea geothermal system is a high-enthalpy geothermal resource with temperatures ≥300°C and highly productive wells producing hypersaline brines exploited by flash and advanced brine handling technologies. – Managed exploration programs for the Truckhaven, Westmoreland, Holtville, South Brawley and East Mesa resource areas. – Reconnaissance and detailed exploration programs for the Truckhaven moderate temperature prospect on the west shore of the Salton Sea including geophysical surveys, temperature gradient drilling and siting a full-scale discovery well. – Managed development planning and drilling for 250MW of geothermal development in the Salton Sea, Heber and Brawley fields.

Exploration and Development of the Coso geothermal field, CA


Coso Geothermal Field, CA

The Coso geothermal system lies within the eastern part of the volcanic center that contains 38 rhyolite domes and a slightly smaller volume of basalt. The dome field and associated volcanics erupted between 1.0 Ma and 40 ka. Over two decades of drilling and production integrated geological, geochemical and geophysical studies have revealed that the geothermal system at Coso has had a much longer and more complex history than previously thought. – Senior Technical Lead for management of geologic, geophysical and geochemical activities related to development of 240MW, high temperature geothermal resources at Coso Hot Springs.

Exploration and Evaluation of the
Long Valley Caldera geothermal field, CA

Technical Lead/Senior Geologic Consultant for EIR/EIS preparation for multiple geothermal project activities in Long Valley caldera. Technical contributor and active member of the Long Valley Hydrologic Monitoring Committee, a cooperative public agency formed to monitor and evaluate geothermal development impacts w/in the caldera. Lead Geologist, Senior consultant for geologic mapping, volcanology, geophysical surveys, temperature gradient drilling, full-scale production well drilling and testing, step-sout/infill drilling, conceptual/numerical reservoir modeling and hydrogeologic monitoring in Mono Craters and Long Valley Caldera. click on picture for larger size (EGS copyright pictures, please ask for authorization to use)

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Temperature Model EGS

EGS Model Imagery

Exploration, Evaluation and Development of Oski Energy projects

Oski Energy in an independant geothermal development company with a project portfolio including 9 geothermal areas in the United States, in 4 different states (California, Nevada, Utah and Oregon). EGS, Inc. has assisted Oski Energy for the exploration, evaluation and development of their projects.

Direct Use for Spa, Resort and Municipal Use in Calistoga, California

EGS, Inc has been contracted by several private Spa and Resort facilities and by the City of Calistoga for the assessment and development of geothermal direct use projects. Amongst others are:

Image courtesy of the Roman Spa Resort

Image courtesy of the Roman Spa Resort

  • The Roman Spa
  • Solage Spa and Resort
  • Auberge Resort – Pallisades
  • Village Inn
  • City of Calistoga

Due Diligence study for the Hawthorne Army Depot geothermal prospect, Navy GPO, Nevada

HAWD GPC EGSEGS, Inc completed a geothermal due diligence study for the Hawthorne Army Depot to assess the potential for commercial geothermal development. The existing data were reviewed and assessed to give recommendations, including applicable types of generating systems, and the commercial viability of the systems. Reasonably Foreseeable Development Scenarios and Timeline for Development Scenarios were presented to the Navy Geothermal Program

Due Diligence study for the Superstition Mountains
Geothermal prospect, NAFEC, El Centro, California

NAFEC El Centro, CAEGS, Inc. is conducting a due diligence evaluation of the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO) exploration program in the Superstition Mountains area on the eastern side of the Imperial Valley in southern California. The region is the site of several geothermal fields spanning the range from ultra-saline very high temperature resources on the southern shore of the Salton Sea to moderate temperature systems at Heber and East Mesa.  EGS reviewed and assessed the existing data were to evaluate the potential for low-moderate temperature commercial geothermal development.